Monday, June 30, 2014

Sizes and Cropping

Today I'd like to talk a little about print sizes.  Below I have listed some different sizes and an average cost to print them yourselves.  

4x6 Print

5x7 Print$0.99
8x10 Print$3.99
Set of 4 Wallet Prints$1.79
11x14 Print$7.99
16x20 Print$17.99
20x30 Print$22.99

At the top is an example of how different sizes crop.  This is often important when choosing what size you want to print.  I will often choose the size that best fits the image instead of trying to make an image if into a frame that the size may not be as flattering.  You will often notice too that when you have your pictures taken and look at them afterwards there is more room that you would like to see on the top and bottom of the image.  Photographers purposelessly crop loosely to compensate for the way the size of prints crop to ensure there is plenty of room.  The image from the camera is equivalent to a 4x6 cropping and below I will show you when cropping can be problematic and when it can help.

Hope that's helpful!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New CD option

So, I have had a lot people inquire about the new CD option and I was hoping to clarify any questions and also help those whom have already gotten CD's with some idea's on what to do with the images now.  My hopes is to make an affordable option that is also keeping up with our technology world.  Below is the price guide for the CD photo shoot.

It is that simple.  The cost is $100 per hour of photography.  This can be any type of photography as well.  You are then mailed a CD with all the images from the session and are welcome to print them, upload them to your social media and share them with family and friends.  If there are any images from the session you wish to have "touched up", there is a $25 per image fee and those images will be emailed to you with the enhancements.  You are then welcome to print them yourself or have me print them for you at a discounted rate.

It is just that easy!

I will then post blogs on information about printing, size options, products and were you can go to get them printed.

Hope this information is helpful and I would love to hear any feedback.

Friday, April 27, 2012

To Do To Day 4-27

-Jenny and Jerrod Bauer-
Are on the top of my to do today.  I am currently uploading there images to the online gallery and hoping to make and order there proof book.  That will put the proofbook in our hands middle of next week and should have the album design done by then.

New Blog Plan

So I am a terrible blogger and have totally neglected my blog.  I have a new idea!  I am a list freak.  I make list for everything I do daily, weekly, monthly ect.....  I also have many people very patently but excitedly waiting to see there images or checking on status.  I have decided to try to use my blog as a "to do" list for the day.  That way everyone can track where we are, what we are currently working on and goals that we would like to accomplish within the week or over the weekend.  So I will give this a try and hopefully it is helpful!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kaci Young

Kaci may be the sweetest young lady ever! Her mother and brother accompanied her during her shoot and also helped me with holding the reflector and scrim.

We met at East High and went into the gym to get some cool shots of Kaci in her volleyball uniform. Then we went to the Botanical Center for some outdoor shots with there beautiful flowers.
After we were finished there we went back to the studio for her indoors. We got some great pictures of Kaci and her brother. The two of them have an amazing relationship. They are the closest siblings I think I have ever seen. You can just tell when you are around them that they truly enjoy each others company.
As they were leaving Kaci said that one of my examples on the wall was her niece and come to find out one of my closest friends sister-in-law is Kaci's SISTER! I think I say "It's a small world" on a weekly bases.

Stacie Brown

Wow, Stacie is absolutely gorgeous! When I met Stacie and her mother at the indoor shoot she was worried she may not photograph well. She told me that she disliked most pictures of herself when she was younger. Yes, I am talking about the same girl who's image is above.

I had such a nice time talking to the two of them and learning about Stacie's family, hobbies and aspirations. It was interesting to find out how hard these young ladies practice and train for there softball team. They obviously work very hard and are very dedicated. Stacie brought her catchers uniform and we had allot of fun with that.

A few days later I met Stacie and her mother at Valley Junction for her outdoors. I think is was in the upper 90's but we managed to get some great shots. Then we ran over to the Botanical Center for some shots with flowers.

I really enjoyed working with the two of them and I hope everyone loves Stacie's images.